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Bonding Agent Chemical

Our range of products include fosroc nitobond sbr latex bonding aid and fosroc nitobond ep epoxy bonding agent.
Fosroc Nitobond SBR Latex Bonding Aid

Fosroc Nitobond SBR Latex Bonding Aid

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Product Brochure

Packaging Size5 Litre
Pack TypeBottle
CoverageSlurry primer - approximately 4- 5 m2/ litre depending on substrate porosity.
Shelf Life12 Months
Storage ConditionIf kept in a dry store in unopened condition
Specific Gravity27 Degree Celsius
Main uses
  • Modifying and improving bonding of floor toppings, renderings and mortars.
  • Repair of worn, damaged and spalled concrete.
  • Repair of large cracks.
  • Polymer modified floor screeds.
  • Waterproof plasters for masonry and slurries.
  • Simple to use - Single component, gauged as required.
  • High - Provides excellent bond to concrete, adhesion plaster, masonry, stone work, etc.
  • Improves -Gives weather resistant mortar with improved durability impermeability to chlorides and other harmful agents.
  • Reduces - Provides waterproof screeds, plasters and Permeability slurries.
  • Increases - Improved tensile and flexural properties strength allow thin applications.
  • Versatile - Compatible with all common hydraulic cements.
  • Cost effective - Nitobond SBR (Latex) is economical to use.
Other Detail:-
  • Single Component
  • Excellent Bond to concrete, Adhesive plate
  • Weather resistance mortar with improved durability 
  • Provides Waterproof Screeds
  • Improve tenstile and Flexible properties  Strength.
Chemical resistance

Cementitious materials have limited chemical resitance. The addition of Nitobond SBR (Latex) to cement mortars reduces permeability and therefore helps reduce the rate of attack by aggressive chemicals. 

Application instructions

Surface Preparation

The object of the surface preparation is to achieve a clean sound surface with a good mechanical key. All substrates should be cleaned and free of dust, plaster, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits, and any other deleterious substances. Laitence should be removed by mechanical means. Smooth substrates must be mechanically roughened e.g. by scabbling, needle gun or grit blasting to provide an adequate key. Corroded reinforcing steel should be exposed around its full circumference and cleaned to remove all loose scale and corrosion deposits. It is always preferably to clean the steel to a bright condition. Use of emery cloth, grit or sand blasting is recommended.


Reinforcing steel must be primed with Nitozinc Primer immediately after cleaning. The concrete substrate should be thoroughly dampened with water and any excess removed before being primed by thoroughly scrubbing in a slurry coat of 1 volume Nitbond SBR (Latex) to 1 volume water to 3 volumes fresh cement. In order to obtain a smooth consistency the cement should be blended slowly into the liquids. Stir frequently during use to off set settlement. Avoid ‘puddling’ of the slurry coat. The topping must be applied on to the wet slurry. If the slurry dries out it must be removed and the clean substrate reprimed


Health & Safety instructions Nitobond SBR (Latex) should not come in contact with skin and eyes or be swallowed. Protective gloves and goggles should be worn. Nitobond SBR (Latex) should not come in contact with skin and eyes or be swallowed. If contact with skin occurs, wash well with soap and water. Eye contamination should be washed thoroughly with clean water and medical advice sought. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately - Do not induce vomiting.


Nitobond SBR (Latex) is non fl ammable.

Additional information

Nitobond SBR (Latex) is part of a wide range of adhesives, repair mortars, sealing compounds and fl ooring products specially designed and manufactured by Fosroc for the construction industry. Separate datasheets are available on all these products.

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Fosroc Nitobond Ep Epoxy Bonding Agent

Fosroc Nitobond Ep Epoxy Bonding Agent

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

Product Brochure

Model NumberFC321020-6L
Packaging Size4Litre
Packaging TypeCan
Grade StandardNitobond EP
Typical Applications
  • For use on horizontal or vertical surfaces where mortar or concrete can be supported by formwork.
  • High strength adhesion - exceeds that of the tensile strength of the host concrete
  • Exhibits high mechanical strength
  • Can be applied on to dry or SSD damp substrates
  • Solvent free - can be used in enclosed locations
  • Complies with AS4020:2018 - suitable for use in drinking water applications

Nitobond EP is a 2 component epoxy bonding agent for bonding fresh wet cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces. Nitobond EP is suited to internal and external applications. Nitobond EP may also be used as part of a repair system where a substrate/repair barrier is required or where the substrate is likely to remain permanently damp or wet.

Standards Compliance

Nitobond EP complies with AS 4020-2018; AWQC Report 323179. Copies of the report are available on the Fosroc website.

Design criteria

Nitobond EP is designed to have an overlay time of 90 minutes at 20°C. The minimum application temperature for Nitobond EP is 5°C. Consult your local Fosroc sales office for further information.

Application instructions


Clean the surface and remove any dust, unsound material, plaster, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits or algae. Roughen the surface and remove any laitance and expose aggregate by light scabbling or grit-blasting. Oil and grease deposits should be removed by steam cleaning, detergent scrubbing or the use of a proprietary degreaser. The effectiveness of decontamination and soundness of the substrate should then be assessed by a pull-off test.


Any steel reinforcement and formwork should be prepared, cut to size and shape, and made ready for assembly before mixing commences. Care should be taken to ensure that Nitobond EP is thoroughly mixed. The ‘hardener’ and ‘base’ components should be stirred separately before mixing to disperse any settlement. The entire contents of the ‘hardener’ tin should then be poured into the ‘base’ tin and the two materials thoroughly mixed using a suitable slow-speed heavy duty drill and mixing paddle for 2 minutes until a fully uniform colour is obtained. The sides of the tin should then be scraped and mixing should continue for a further 2 minutes. 


Nitobond EP should be applied as soon as the mixing process has been completed. It should be brush or spray applied to the prepared surfaces. Spray application requires a heavy duty airless spray machine such as Graco airless spray fitted with 19 -20 thou tip. Refer to Graco for specific advice. The new concrete or screed should be applied to the coated substrate after the Nitobond EP has become tacky and within 90 minutes at 20°C, ie. while the Nitobond EP is still tacky. If the Nitobond EP is allowed to become tack-free, a second coat will be required. This second coat must be applied the same day as the first coat otherwise the first coat will need to be mechnically removed. As soon as the Nitobond EP has been applied, any required steel reinforcement and/or formwork should be erected and fixed securely in place. When required to form a barrier between chloride contaminated concrete and Renderoc repair material, the prepared concrete should be primed with Nitobond EP and allowed to cure for 8 to 24 hours.


  • Keep out of reach of children 
  • Read Saftey direction before opening 
  • Do not swallow
  • Contains >60% Liquid epoxy resin, 30-60% Formal Dehyde polymer with chloro mythelye Oxrane and phenox. 


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